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Virtual sessions about Connected Branding

Episode #3

How to connect your brand to people & business?

Date & time

June 10th, 2021

10:00 - 11:00 AM CET.


Melle Bos - Head of Brand and Business Consultancy


Connected brands

The world’s most valuable brands.

The past 10 years, technology has transformed the world. And yet companies lost the true connection and their ability to stand out as a brand. To stand out and stay ahead, at Ace we believe companies need to transform into Connected Brands. Because Connected Brands are today’s most valuable businesses.

So, what makes these brands so valuable, and what then defines a Connected Brand. And lastly, but maybe more importantly what does it take for your brand to become tomorrow’s Connected Brand. So, let’s connect!


Episode #3

How to connect your brand to people & culture?

Brands operate in the world around itself. For it to be successful it needs to do two things. Create a value based relationship with its audiences. And actively take part in the culture it is a part of,

to be relevant and perceived adding true value to the lives of people. What does it take, who does this well and what can you start tomorrow to create that relevance?

Speaker Melle Bos
Head of Brand and Business Consultancy Ace
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I am a hybrid business, brand and marketing strategist. I help companies move faster and adapt quicker to build brands that matter.


The Ace family


Key takeaways 

  • The construct of shared value of brand positioning.

  • The key pillars to create a brand culture connection.

  • Best practice examples.

  • Practical 'Go Do's' to get you started tomorrow.

Count me in!

Join this virtual session about connected branding and become ready for a connected future. 

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